SmartColor Coral Instant Pigment 

Color to your liking!

Graymix SmartColor coloring system, the latest innovation of Graymix Hungária Kft, revolutionizes the coloring of facade plasters.

In contrast to the traditional paints mixed for the desired color, the coloring process becomes infinitely easier with the instantly soluble Graymix SmartColor Instant Pigment. The color range contains 96 fashionable facade shades complying with the latest trends, which can be prepared in just a few minutes at the place of application with the use of the instantly soluble Graymix SmartColor Instant Pigment, available in 48 colors and packed in small bag.

Color the facade plaster with Graymix SmartColor!

The instant pigment was developed for Coral Lux and Coral Lux Silicone facade plasters.

It is fast and extremely easy to use.

All you need to do is mix the bag of Graymix SmartColor instant pigment needed to achieve the desired color shade based on the color range to one bucket of Coral Lux or Coral Lux Silicone facade plaster immediately before use and the ready-to-use coloring plaster is at hand.

The correction and re-mixing of the selected color can be done quickly and reliably for the same shade at any time, this way you can avoid mistakes resulting from color differences.

The remaining and unmixed Coral plaster can be used later.

The color fastness of plasters colored with Graymix SmartColor is outstanding!

Coloring Plaster with Graymix SmartColor Instant pigment

  • fast - the right color can be achieved in seconds

  • economical - the unmixed Coral plaster can be used later
  • easy to handle - thanks to the small packaging units of the powdered instant pigment
  • easy to repeat - easy dosing
  • excellent resistance to UV radiation and weather
  • odorless
  • 100% weatherproof

Advantages in trade

  • no color mixing equipment is needed so no major investment is necessary
  • no specially trained or physical employees are needed
  • space-saving - thanks to its small packaging units
  • simple, easy-to-understand color range to choose the desired shade
  • easy dosing - based on the color range, 1/2/4 bags for 25 kg of Coral plaster
  • the selected color can be reproduced easily and accurately
  • it can also be used in a self-service system

Advantages for the contractor

If you buy pre-mixed plaster, it is possible that you order too little or too much colored plaster.  If the quantity is not enough, it may take a longer time to order more so you have to consider the loss of time and the increase in labor costs while there is also a chance that the color shade will not be exactly the same as in the case of the initial order. The remaining part of the plaster ordered this way cannot be used later, which can mean extra costs. With the use of Graymix SmartColor instant pigment, the plaster can be easily and immediately mixed on site to achieve the desired color – and so any missing amount can be replenished. This way, you don't have to wait for color mixing performed in a factory or by a machine. 

Using Graymix SmartColor, this can be avoided.

The small packaging units of Graymix SmartColor make it possible for the contractor to keep a stock of multiple colors so changes in the color can be performed immediately.

Using Graymix SmartColor, the contractor does not need to order pre-colored plaster since color mixing is performed according to the needs on site. This makes it possible to purchase and stock larger quantities of natural white base plaster - so you can respond flexibly to orders and enjoy volume discounts.

Use / Dosing

Choose the desired color and the corresponding quantity based on the color range.

For colors marked Light, the Graymix SmartColor pigment named Light is required. 1 bag / 25 kg plaster.

For additional colors, the numbering in the designation shows how many bags of

Graymix SmartColor instant pigment is required for the chosen shade for each bucket or 25 kg of CORAL Lux or CORAL Lux Silicone facade plaster.

The plaster colored using Graymix SmartColor can be used immediately.

Mix it for at least 5 minutes until an even color is reached.
Let it rest for a few minutes and mix it again. 

The plaster is ready to be used.