Color to your liking!

Graymix SmartColor coloring system, the latest innovation of Graymix Hungária Kft, revolutionizes the coloring of facade plasters, interior paints and grouts!

In contrast to the traditional paints mixed for the desired color, the coloring process becomes infinitely easier with the instantly soluble Graymix SmartColor Instant Pigment. The color range contains 96 fashionable shades complying with the latest trends, which can be prepared in just a few minutes at the place of application with the use of the instantly soluble Graymix SmartColor Instant Pigment, available in 48 colors and packed in small bags.

24 colors and 4 shades per color, meaning a total of 96 shades with ease in a few seconds!

Unique instant paint coloring pigment from Graymix, for facade plaster, interior paints and grouts.

  • fast
  • economical
  • cost-efficient
  • unique
  • easily reproducible colors

Ennyire egyszerű!

Choose the SmartColor Instant Pigment needed for the desired shade and mix its necessary quantity evenly with CORAL LUX 1.5 mm facade plaster with scratched effect, MOTIVE interior paint or LINEA grouting material.

Apply the paint or grout of the desired color prepared in this way according to the description.

For a more detailed description of the precise application, visit our subpages for SmartColor Coral (plaster), SmartColor Motiva (interior paint) and SmartColor Linea (grouts).

Thinking in colors

Read the manual!

Mix the chosen color instant pigment with basic. 

Mix it 5 minutes! 

Ready to use

Graymix SmartColor – a unique instant coloring pigment 

Manufactured and distributed by: Graymix Hungária Kft.